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Wild blueberries contain powerful antioxidants. This is one of the best fruits for maintaining good health.


The blue pearl was used by Native Americans for its medicinal and nutritional properties.


Our new product, Brainberry, which is sold as a powder, is all natural and made entirely ​of wild blueberries cultivated in our fields. The blueberries are processed this way to maintain their health and antioxidant properties.

Take daily to help maintain good health!

Available in vegetable capsules and in bulk. 


 Our others products

Wild blueberry juice

Our wild blueberry juice is made ​​of 100% wild blueberries. It is frozen as soon it is extracted to keep its freshness.

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Blueberry cookies for dogs

Our wild blueberry dog treats are made of natural and healthy products, and contain antioxidants.

Coming soon!